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My mom and I worked with Dan Ostapiak to purchase our home here in Waterloo. He always went the extra mile to help us out, even by offering to pick me up from work several times for logistical reasons. Dan was always focused on getting a house that could fit with both of our needs. Because of that, he never seemed to be disappointed if we decided not to buy a home; his first priority was our happiness rather than getting a quick sale. The only times he would push to move things forward was when it was in our favour. If we were already interested in making a purchase, Dan would stop at nothing to make things happen for us. In the end, we found a place that had value beyond what we paid for it. It is well renovated and in a pleasant neighbourhood too. Hopefully this review is helpful to Dan and to you. It's worth the time to promote good business practices. :) - Lockirby2

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Real sense of professionalism, very high productive and trustworthy team who are fun to work with! - Mohamed Hussain Abo Zaid

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Amazing job done by Ibrahim in short period of time. He has guided us through the house selling process, everything went smoothly with no stress. We would recommend Ibrahim for anyone who is looking to sell the house in timely fashion and fair price. - Drazana Tamindzija

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Worked with Roman to sell an Estate property. Roman worked hard to coordinate the setting up of the property and did a great job of following with phone calls and texts to ensure all was moving ahead promply and professionally. Roman kept us up to date constantly with all the offers and showings. Even helped to fix a small construction issue. GREAT job Roman. Thanks - Andrew Teminski

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