Alex Sclavi
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Alex Sclavi
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With over a decade of real estate experience and an excellent reputation in the industry, Alex is not just your average realtor. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Alex has welcomed countless Spanish newcomers to our vibrant city, helping them settle into their dreams of home ownership.

Alex believes your home is not just four walls; it's your personal haven, and he is here to make sure it's nothing short of spectacular! Whether you're diving into the market, bidding farewell to your old digs, or diving into real estate investments, consider Alex your go-to guide.

Beyond the world of real estate, Alex is a proud family man and homeowner. He gets it – your home is where the heart is, where laughter echoes, and where long-lasting memories are made. Alex is here to help navigate the twists and turns of the real estate journey together, ensuring every step is as smooth as silk.

When Alex is not playing real estate superhero, you'll find him soaking up quality time with loved ones or catching some rays by the lake and hiking! Fun fact: Alex and his family have graced the screens of some Netflix movies and shows!