Antonio Santos
Director of Media and Cinematography
Antonio Santos
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Antonio is a believer of discipline and hard work. He’s not afraid to take chances and he is always looking for the small details that he can improve. He is extremely humble, but an absolute rockstar in his field. He loves what he does, and this fact effortlessly shines through in his work.

He graduated from ETIC: Technical School of Image and Communication in Lisbon-Portugal. Before that he was required to serve in the military, where he learned the real meaning of team work and hard work. After completing school and his military service, he worked at Afro Music Channel as a video editor and camera operator, where he had the opportunity to travel around Europe and Africa. At the same time he was working as a freelancer, creating promotional and corporate videos.

When he took the step to move to Canada, he started his own business as a videographer. When he and his wife were blessed with their first baby, he had to put his business on the back burner. Luckily for us, he has chosen to embark again on his videography business, in partnership with Affinity Real Estate!

On the personal side of things, family is everything to Antonio. He has 2 beautiful boys and a wonderful wife. Unfortunately his side of the family is all in Portugal, and he misses them immensely. Whatever he does is with the goal to spend more time with his entire family, and he has never forgotten the values that his parents instilled in him.

Antonio’s interests are centered around spending time with family and friends. He also likes to be outdoors - fishing, riding his motorbike through the mountains, and playing soccer.