Eva Safar
In-House Interior Designer
Eva Safar
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Eva is client focused, and driven to build genuine relationships. She is goal oriented and passionate about helping people make informed decisions for themselves and their families ⏭️.

Her interest in real estate began with her love of aesthetics and the beauty of architecture, and then transformed into an overall appreciation of the deeper meaning of “Home”.

With a background and degrees in Kinesiology & Business, she has a superb grasp on the importance of communication, transparency, and dedication. She enjoys the science behind physicality and sports, and pursues a high level of competence in anything she ventures into!

In her spare time, Eva loves being active and in the outdoors. She is a fitness enthusiast who goes hiking and camping - and she recently took up mountain biking! You can easily find Eva at the gym in the early mornings. She also runs a woodworking business, and uses that as an outlet for her creative and artistic side.