Ibrahim Hussein
Founder, Visionary, & REALTOR®
Ibrahim Hussein
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Ibrahim is an intelligent, innovative, and principled individual who holds his values close to his heart. Ibrahim is not transactional in the slightest, but rather focuses on developing deep and long term relationships with everyone that he meets. 

Ibrahim was born and raised in Egypt, where he went to school and practised as a lawyer. His educational and career background have given him exceptional analyitcal and negotiation skills that he utilizes to ensure every deal is win-win. His dedication and willingness to go the extra mile means that he can get the job done while ensuring his clients have a comfortable experience.

Ibrahim is a family man, through and through. Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, whether it be relaxing at home or going out for family vacations. He still enjoys spending time with those he works with, and often refers to them as his "work family."