Jenniffer Hurlburt
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Jenniffer Hurlburt
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Meet Jenniffer, a breath of fresh air in the real estate world! Her warmth and openness greet everyone she meets, creating an atmosphere of gratitude and positivity.

Jenniffer's communicative and approachable nature makes her a standout in the industry. Her clients find reassurance in her reliability, especially during high-stress situations. She's known for her hard work and dedication, always striving to get the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Jenniffer's mission is simple yet profound: to be a better version of herself every day. As a mom of two, a grandma of one (with another grandchild on the way), she knows the importance of being the very best version of oneself.

Outside of real estate, Jenniffer is an avid gardener with the Woolwich Gardeners Association and a dedicated volunteer at the St. Clements Club, where she helps out at bingo. A retired welder, she has a fun and adventurous side too, with a motorcycle license and hobbies that include camping, kayaking, baking, cooking, and being a true foodie.

Coming from a family of builders, Jenniffer has a vast knowledge of homes, giving her a unique perspective and deep understanding of the industry. This background, combined with her personal touch, makes her an invaluable asset in the real estate world.

In every aspect of her life, Jenniffer embodies joy, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of personal growth, making her not just a great realtor, but an incredible person to know.